Doublju Women’s Camouflage Hooded Military Square Studded Jacket

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AWOJA034 Small size—-Length 25.3″—-Chest 18″—-Sleeve 25″—-Shoulder 13″

AWOJA034 Medium size—-Length 25.6″—-Chest 18.9″—-Sleeve 25.3″—-Shoulder 13.3″

AWOJA034 Large size—-Length 25.9″—-Chest 19.8″—-Sleeve 25.6″—-Shoulder 13.6″

AWOJA035 Small size—-Length 24.8″—-Chest 18.5″—-Sleeve 24.3″—-Shoulder 14.8″

AWOJA035 Medium size—-Length 25.1″—-Chest 19.4″—-Sleeve 24.6″—-Shoulder 15.1″

AWOJA035 Large size—-Length 25.4″—-Chest 20.3″—-Sleeve 24.9″—-Shoulder 15.4″

AWOJA036 Small size—-Length 25.8″—-Chest 18″—-Sleeve 25″—-Shoulder 14.5″

AWOJA036 Medium size—-Length 26.1″—-Chest 18.9″—-Sleeve 25.3″—-Shoulder 14.8″

AWOJA036 Large size—-Length 26.4″—-Chest 19.8″—-Sleeve 25.6″—-Shoulder 15.1″

AWOJA041 Small size—-Length 23″—-Chest 18.5″—-Sleeve 24″—-Shoulder 14.5″

AWOJA041 Medium size—-Length 23.3″—-Chest 19.4″—-Sleeve 24.3″—-Shoulder 14.8″

AWOJA041 Large size—-Length 23.6″—-Chest 20.3″—-Sleeve 24.6″—-Shoulder 15.1″

  • Dry cleaning only
  • AWOJA05 is 4-Pocket Military Jacket with Detachable Hood and Studded Detail on the Shoulder.
  • KWJK011 is Half length lightweight jacket with detacheble double neck, waist string and stylish pocket details
  • KWJK013 is Stylish short length slim jacket with zipper, snap buttons, splendid sequins and embroidery details
  • AWJ28 is Casual lightweight jacket with invisible hood in high
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