Doublju Women’s Double Breasted Pea Coat Jacket

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AWOCO05 Small size—-Length 24″—-Chest 16.5″—-Sleeve 23.5″—-Shoulder 14.5″

AWOCO05 Medium size—-Length 24.3″—-Chest 17.4″—-Sleeve 23.8″—-Shoulder 14.8″

AWOCO05 Large size—-Length 24.6″—-Chest 18.3″—-Sleeve 24.1″—-Shoulder 15.1″

AWOCO08 Small size—-Length 25.5″—-Chest 17″—-Sleeve 22.8″—-Shoulder 14.5″

AWOCO08 Medium size—-Length 25.8″—-Chest 17.9″—-Sleeve 23.1″—-Shoulder 14.8″

AWOCO08 Large size—-Length 26.1″—-Chest 18.8″—-Sleeve 23.4″—-Shoulder 15.1″

AWOCO09 Small size—-Length 31.3″—-Chest 15.5″—-Sleeve 23.5″—-Shoulder 13.8″

AWOCO09 Medium size—-Length 31.6″—-Chest 16.4″—-Sleeve 23.8″—-Shoulder 14.1″

AWOCO09 Large size—-Length 31.9″—-Chest 17.3″—-Sleeve 24.1″—-Shoulder 14.4″

AWOCO16 Small size—-Length 26.5″—-Chest 17″—-Sleeve 22.5″—-Shoulder 14″

AWOCO16 Medium size—-Length 26.8″—-Chest 17.9″—-Sleeve 22.8″—-Shoulder 14.3″

AWOCO16 Large size—-Length 27.1″—-Chest 18.8″—-Sleeve 23.1″—-Shoulder 14.6″

AWJ25 Small size—-Length 22″—-Chest 17.3″—-Sleeve 23.5″—-Shoulder 15.3″

AWJ25 Medium size—-Length 22.3″—-Chest 17.6″—-Sleeve 23.8″—-Shoulder 15.8″

AWJ25 Large size—-Length 22.6″—-Chest 17.9″—-Sleeve 24.1″—-Shoulder 16.1″

  • Machine Washable (Recommended Hand Wash)
  • #KWOCO05 is Double Breasted Half Coat with Epaulets.
  • #AWJ25 is Faux Fur Hoddie Double Breasted Wool Coat. #AWOCO016 is Double Breasted Pea Coat Detail Wool Jacket.
  • #AWOCO09 is Double Breasted Half Coat. #AWOCO08 is Double Breasted Belted Trench Wool Coat.
  • Please check sizing info to ensure your size prior to ordering.
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